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Tasha’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 10 Aug 2006

Location: Thailand

MapThe Full Moon Experience

Yesterday we went to one of Thailand's legendary Full Moon Parties on Ko Pang Ngan. We arrived on the Island at about 8pm and it was at least 9 before we got to the right beach. When we got there things where pretty calm. There were a few people sat on mats by little tables, but the beach filled up pretty quickly. I reckon that by 1am 90% of all the foreigners visiting Thailand were probably on the beach. The Party was basically a massive rave with lots of different bars playing all sorts of music and people dancing inside and out. The experience was some what enhanced by Claire, who basically spent the whole evening with her draw dropped and eyes wide open, 'going I never seen anything like this is my whole life!' - very funny!

The boat ride home was also pretty memorable. For starters, there were rows of speed boats along the beach, and you basically just had to parade up and down the beach until you found yours. Then if you were lucky enough to find your boat, you had to wade through the sea waist deep to get on to it. Which couldn't pull right up to the beach because the water was too shallow. Once on the boat our captain was a very angry Thai, who kept kept shouting 1000 baht, 1000 baht to the passengers who hadn't already bought tickets!

Bar the party we have been mostly chillin, with long lazy days by the beach. I managed to have the misfortune of standing on a stone fish, and my foot ballooned, so have been taking it easy for the past few days. Tomorrow we plan to leave Ko Samui for some of the Islands on the west coast. So I'll be back soon with more pictures of sand! hehe