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Tasha’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 15 Aug 2006

Location: Chang Mai, Thailand

MapAt last we've seen the Reclining Bhudda!

Went on a boat trip to Phi Phi Islands, mainly because Claire wanted to go to Maya bay, where they filmed the Beach. One of the two things that she has not stopped going on about since we got here. Unfortunately it being the rainy season, the sea was apparently to rough for them to take us to the bay. A fact that they blatantly knew before we set off, and had we known we probably wouldn't have done the tour. I still enjoyed the day as Phi Phi Don and Phi Phi Ley are the most beautiful beaches I have seen so far in Thailand.

Yesterday we had 4 hours in Bangkok between flights, and we managed to squeeze more into those few hours than we did in the 5 days we were there last. Saw the Grand Place, the Reclining Buddha, which was a relief cos that's the second thing that Claire has not stopped going on about. In her defence it was pretty impressive! Then we went off to Jim Thompson's house. Some guy that came over to Thailand when the war was on in America, helped Thailand gain independence, bought a series of Thai houses, got into the silk trade, and then mysteriously disappeared. Here's something for you mum he supplied most of the material for the outfits in the King and I. That's what helped him make is mark apparently. His house is now a museum very beautiful!

Bangkok was a completely different story this time. This time we were wise to the scams, and knew what to expect of the city, and felt alot more in control. I always seem to like capital cities more second time round!?

Cookery and Trekking awaits - so swadee ka till then.