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Tasha’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 27 Aug 2006

Location: Bangkok again!, Laos

MapNought like a Northerner

Ok to fill you in....spent the last few days in Vang Vieng where the main event was sailing down the Dam Song in a tyre made for one. A lot of fun, as several Laos have cottoned into the fact that farang like to do this, there are many bars set up along the river.......and we thought it only polite to pop into a few. Well I tried to pop into everyone but missed the rods they throw out to you, to haul you in, and so sailed by! I was with a couple from Israel, a Dutch guy and a few others one American a few Londoners. Got chatting to another group at one of the bars along the way, and they were northern, which was brilliant! Especially when I said that I was from Chorley, and they followed it up with 'coming in your ears'. It doesn't matter how far, or where you go, or what you experience, it always takes a fellow northerner to make the experience that bit more special! hehe

How does something become an institution? I mean Vang Vieng has become famous for Tubing, how does that happen? The Lonely P (or backpackers bible) describes it as a rite of passage''. So one backpacker came up with the idea, what then led to it becoming so famous? Anyways glad it did cos its was great fun!

Luang Prabang, prob my favourite place so far in SE Asia so far. A very mellow market town. The whole of Laos is like you have taken one massive step back in time. Which takes a bit of getting used to. Once you settled in you appreciate the charm, rather than being freaked out by the eeriness. I mean when a bus stops along the side of the road and the drivers yells that this is your stop, and alls you can see is two shops and a restaurant, and a dirt path. You kinda think how can it be this isn't a town, its just dust and a shack!

That was followed by a brief stop in the capital of Laos, Vientiane, and now I'm back in Bangkok. Why do I keep ending up here? I couldn't wait to leave the first time round, now I'm starting to like it. The next stop was gonna be Ko Chang or Ko Lanta, which are two beautiful Islands I haven't seen yet, and really want to. However after having just checked the bank balance, and think the next stop is gonna be the Job Centre!

So until we meet again, farethewell! (is that right - John?)

Sorry no new pic, gone and lost the lead.