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Tasha’s Travel Diary

Monday, 28 Aug 2006

Location: Bangkok, still., Thailand

MapThailand the Conclusion..................Hopefully!?

Thailand is undoubtedly a beautiful country with lots to see and do. However many parts of it are marred, sometimes by the people, sometimes by the pollution, but often both. Granted the western tourists (like me) are probably the main reason for this.

After my first few negative experience, mainly the lobster, but also the Tuk Tuk driver that took us to see crap shrines, and lots of shops, so that he could get petrol coupons. To the very pushy man in the TAT (Tourism Authority Thailand) that tried to sell us a packaged holiday when all we wanted was a map! I cant help put feel that I’m being ripped off, and am very weary of the ‘where you from?’ question, because you think its being used to decide how much to charge you.

Lessons learned

* When you are told that you have the choice between VIP bus and super VIP. What you really have the choice between is a normal bus, and a bus with a toilet.
* Everybody will lie to you, even the sweet old ladies will tell you a fib or two and it is completely accepted.
* The Thai's cant 'loose face' that means that if they have absolutely no idea what you are on about, they will smile and nod, instead of saying they don't understand. eg 'is the bus station this way or this way?' reply 'yes, umhuh!'


* What do Chinese people do with all their photographs?
* Why are there so many, fat or ugly or old, white men with sexy Thai wives???
* Is it compulsory for farang, to carry a Lonely P in Thailand?

Let me end with some of the things that like, an Ice cream van that is a man driving a motorbike with a side car that is refrigerated - pure comedy! Oh can't believe that i nearly forgot about the food. Especially when I've spent most of my time here eating.

And in conclusion to my conclusion I have discovered that there aren't any answers, only questions!