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Tasha’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 07 Nov 2006

Location: Chorley, UK

MapChorley the Centre of the Universe!

Oh itís great to be back in the UK, and itís even better to be back up north, and just to top it off royally Iím back in CHORLEY. Which comes second only to Manchester in the greyest, rainiest places in England category?

Travelling is now a very distant memory, and being back with the folks is very much a reality! In saying g that, itís not all bad, I have actually enjoyed being back. My Mother and Step-Father are great comedy duo, and have provided me with many laughs.

Bar laughing I have mostly been enjoying being on the dole and watching Diagnosis Murder. Alas even that my one pleasure in life is soon to come to an end, as I have just got myself a job and will be dole scum, no longer! Back to grown up stuff for me, I think Iím gonna have a bit of a... lets call it period of adjustment, when I have to go back to work. As I havenít worked since May, and havenít seen 9am, since then either! hehe. Thatís gonna be fun!

Well that me, might be a while till me installment, as i predict i'll be too tired to type (that sounds famililar?)