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Tasha’s Travel Diary

Monday, 20 Aug 2007

Location: Queenstown, New Zealand

MapWhat a week!

This last week with C has really flown by, but when I look back and reminisce, I realise that we have crammed in an awful lot. After the sky dive we headed south to Te Aunu to see another incredibly beautiful area, Doubtful Sounds. Not meaning to sound unappreciative, but the most beautiful thing down there was the bathrooms at the camp site. Thats probably a little harsh the trip to Doubtful, on a whole was good, we got taken around a hydro-electric power station to start. Then shown the Sounds (which is an are of hills and water, called sounds but are actually froids, which means that they were created by ice as apposed to water). These were supposed to be spectacular, and turned out to be 'nice', however it was an amazingly sunny day and we got to see lots of wildlife. Even played with the Dolphins which were jumping out of the water. Unfortunately the 3 second delay on my camera means that all I have to show is a series of dolphins splashes.

After the Sounds we headed back to Wanaka aka home, to do a spot of boarding. C an accomplished skier had a go at boarding, and took to it like a fish out of water (just kidding babe). Sunday, although it could easily have been a different story, turned out to be a brilliant day, C went back to skies and we whizzed down the mountain together. At this point I would just like to thank Baz our driver is shinning Armour, who lent us money for our lift passes, after we realised, at the top of the mountain that we didnt have enough money on us and had brought out the wrong card!!!!

Its evening now, C has gone and its just me. Time for part 2! Which begins with boarding in Queenstown.