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Tasha’s Travel Diary

Friday, 07 Sep 2007

Location: Auckland, New Zealand

MapKia Ora! (The meaning of this word has been given to me in 59 languages by the bus driver on the Maori night , in English it means hey, hello, hows it going, see you later, and is a fruit cordial.

This is my last day last day in New Zealand, all year I have been looking forward to being here and now its come to an end. Do you remember how long the six weeks holiday used to be? Much longer than the six weeks I've been here. People say old age makes time seem faster. I refuse to believe this over simplified explanation, and firmly believe that the earth is spinning 3.2 times faster than it used to.

Its true to say that I didn't come to New Zealand for a cultural experience. As the Kiwi's way of life is very similar to ours, well similar to ours sometime in the past. Some of the places I have visited have been scarily lacking in people, like Westport on the South Island. A place I can only describe as Blackpool after biological bomb. With the few survivors suffering the neurological affects of the bomb.

I've heard conflicting reports on the crime rates in this country. With people saying that this place is so crime free that they have to import the news from America. A view that I am inclined to believe, especially after listening to 'Pets on the lose' on prime time radio. Unfortunately this is contrasted with reports of this country having some of the highest suicide and rape rates in the world. I suppose this is very possible as the idea of the metrosexual male has yet to cross the water.

One thing that I really do like is the fact that the kids are treated with respect. They are given space and time, you get the feeling that they are loved and appreciated and not judged for their over sized clothing.

Although I called Wanaka home and could imagine living there for a while. I wouldn't like to stay in this country permanently, because I constantly feel like I'm waiting for something to happen - but it never does! which is strange of a country that is crumbed packed with adrenalin activities.

I wish that I understood more about the feeling between the Maori's and the White's. Everything appears fine on the surface, but their cultures are still very different and I wounder if they both respect each others. At the end of the Maori night, we were asked if we had learned anything about the Maori culture and if we had, to take that away and tell others. From what I gather they seemed to love fighting, and would take the occasional break for a song. Not sure what exactly your supposed to pass on??

I think I'm done alls that left is to say goodbye from the country ....
...that is full of amazing landscapes
...where buses offer door to door service
...where you can buy tickets for any mode of transport, activities, nights out all under one roof
...where every sentence is ended with the question, aye?
and where UB40 is played constantly