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Renee and Clarissa’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 06 Feb 2007

Location: Ilha Grande, Brazil

MapIlha Grande

The coastal bus trip from Parity to Ilha Grande was gorgeous, lots of islands, beaches and clear waters, great for a sailing trip. Ilha Grande is a tropical island 2 hours south of Rio, the locals refer to it as ´Forces of Evil´ as it was previously a pirates hideout, lepar colony and a jail for voilet criminals. To get there you need to catch a ferry, which was eventful, it was at least 40 degrees sharing a barge with at least 300 people, locals, tourist and bulk groceries for the whole island. Half way the barge caught fire, people in a panic and the sweat fest continued. We caught up with our Chilean friends who we met at Parity and drank many a cerveja with on the island.

Spent the day at Lopes Mendez which is arguably the best beach in Brazil. It is only reachable by boat for 1 hr and a 20 min walk. It really did live up to its reputation. It was lined with white squeaky sand, palm trees, mountains and the clearest water we had ever seen, even us Queensland girls rated it. Spotted a bit of wildlife on the way back, on the walk we passed monkeys and even a snake, and on the boat trip we saw the most amazing group of dolphins. There had to be at least 20 swimming beside the boat and putting on a great show for us.

Our exploration of the island came to a holt after our great day at Lopes Mendez. Lis came down with heavy fevers and out of action for 10 days, not a fun time. Two doctors later it came out that she had eaten some dodgy food and got a intestine infection. Drama central.