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Renee and Clarissa’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 28 Mar 2007

Location: Ushuaia, Argentina


Here we are at the southern most city in the world!! Yeh we checked this statement out on a random globe we found in a store here. We suspected that NZ might be just as close, but nope, here takes the title. We were hoping to scope out the last minute boat trips to Antartica but unfortunately we were 1 week too late and the trips have stopped for the season....bummer, we were really keen to be spontaneous.

Much the same in this quaint little town surrounded by mountains, they have penguins and sea lions (think most the peguins are migrating north though), boat trips to a light house, glaciers, and trekking in National Park Tierra Del Fuego. To tell the truth after 3 months on the road we are pretty tired so we decided to chill out in our nice cosy, friendly B&B, watch sky telly (English...yay), drink hot chocolate, go for little walks and shop.

We´ve had a nice time chilling out here and are about to board our flight to BA this afternoon.