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Greg + Amy’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 18 Feb 2006

Location: Suva, Fiji

MapBula, Bula, (Hello)

Just a quick message to say we are in Fiji and are both well, having left Australia 5 days ago. For the last few days we have been on the island of Nananu-i-Ra, just off the main island of Viti Levu. Was probably the nicest island we have been to on our whole trip, the closest to the 'paradise' cliche that everyone imagies, white sand, perfect blue water, vast coral reefs teeming with tropical fish etc... Amy did 2 dives while she was there including a 12 metre dive at the 'Dreammaker' dive site, a world famous diving site, she has pretty much got the hang of diving now. As well as this we had great snorkelling just off the beach as the island is completely surrounded by vast reefs. Saw the usual things, clown-fish, clams, triggerfish, but I also saw highly venomous sea-snakes, Amy saw a moray eel while diving as well as a porcupine fish and a stingray, though no sharks this time.

As well as all this the atmosphere on the little resort we were staying in was great, met plenty of good people some of whom we hope to catch up with back in the UK and also if we ever find ourselves in Germany, and had a room right on the beach, facing the ocean (although the room itself was a little... basic to put it nicely!) All in all a great place to stay so we are loving Fiji so far. Have just reached the capital, Suva, having had no access to the outside world on the island, hence the lack of contact since we left Australia last week.

We hope you are all well, just think only a few weeks and you get to see us again!!!!! You must be excited by the thought of that!!!! I bet you are all wondering how you have managed without a visit from us for the last year.


Love Greg and Amy.