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Greg + Amy’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 23 Feb 2006

Location: Nadi, Fiji

MapWell as I write this we are just killing time in Nadi before catching a flight to LA and then a connection to Vancouver, so have got about 16 hours of travelling ahead of us today. We seem to have picked a good time to go as the heavens have just opened in Nadi, although the weather has been mostly good while we have been in Fiji.

Since I last wrote, we have been in the capital Suva, which is quite a small laidback place, went to the Fiji Musuem, which was really good, although some of the cannibalism stuff was a bit grizzly! Also spent a couple of days taking it easy, did a bit of souvenir shopping and swanning around various cafes and restaurants, not exactly exerting ourselves! From Suva we then caught a bus onto a small resort on the Coral Coast on the south side of Viti Levu the main island. Was a really cool little backpacker resort by the beach, very tropical, staying in big cottages. Did some coconut jewellery carving, Amy had a Fijian massage from a ridiculously friendly big Fijian woman, I also had a short leg massage, got told I had the legs of a No.8 (thats a rugby position for those of you not too up on your Rugby Union), rugby is a national obsession here, several of the locals have talked to me about the rugby. I also got to do the last bit of snorkelling before heading home and saw a large reef shark and some huge rays (a couple of metres across) so all good.

Last night we headed back to Nadi, where we fly from, and checked into the Mercure, which is luxury compared with what we are used to, decided to splash out a bit on our last night. All in all, Fiji has been absolutely fantastic, I think it has just about been my favourite place so far, will definitely be coming back if I get the chance, the 11 days we have had here has just not been anywhere near enough. Still, no complaining, we still have LA, Vancouver and NY to see before getting back to England, so life is not bad.

Hope you are all well and hope that wedding preparations are going well Hannah, see you all soon,

Love Greg and Amy.