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Greg + Amy’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 20 Jan 2005

Location: UK

MapThought it would probably be a good idea if I posted our itinerary, so you will know where we will be, so here goes.

We leave London Heathrow on the 13th March 2005, flying out to Bangkok (Thailand), where we will spend about 7 days in Bangkok and the surrounding areas. Mum is then flying out to join us and we are travelling through Cambodia and Vietnam for just over three weeks. Mum is then flying back to England, while Amy and I continue through Vietnam into Laos for a week or so and then into Northern Thailand.

From here we will spend the next three months travelling down through Northern and Central Thailand and then heading south to get to Malaysia ending up in Singapore. We fly from Singapore to New Zealand on the 17th July where will spend a month (mostly in the South Island), before flying to Sydney, Australia.

We will be spending a little over 6 months in Australia, based in Sydney. I will work some of the time, between visiting various bits of Australia, as the funds will probably be a bit depleted by this time. We will use Sydney as a base to travel across Australia and also (hopefully) to fly to Bali, Hong Kong or other parts of Asia.

In Feb 2006 we then head for Fiji for ten days and will then fly to LA (4 days), Vancouver (7 days), NY (4 days) before flying back to London on the 11th March 2006.