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Lizzy Kilner’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 14 Dec 2006

Location: Bayswater, London, UK

MapWell I have finally got around to updating the travel page, have been pretty busy with the travels lately, Italy, Germany (not by choice!) and parts of England - Bath and Stonehenge! All have been great! Thinking of investing in a nomination bracelet, they are these silver bracelets and each link is the flag of a country you have visited, will look into it, plenty more countries to get to though... Only have a little over a week left in London and then it is onto the night bus for the 10 hour trip to Inverness in Scotland for christmas. Spending NY Eve in Edinburgh and then staying on! One way ticket to povertyville no doubt, no job lined up or permanent accomodation as yet, but all that will work itself out I am sure! Hope you are all enjoying December in Australia, my favourite time of the year! Very cold here now - won't be any warmer in Scotland either - heading to outdoor ice skating this weekend and some other last minute London things that we have been putting off for way to long.... Hope you are well! Happy festive season! Love Lizzy xx