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Lizzy Kilner’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 27 Jan 2007

Location: Edinburgh Internet Cafe, Scotland

MapWell another diary entry so soon, I know, but Australia Day was doubely awesome for me, not only did we head to the pub to sing a lot of lame Aussie songs (yes Skippy theme tune was among them!) but also my new little niece Laila Dominique Nassif came along 6 weeks early! Unfortunately due to the time difference she was actually born on the 27th but what a suprise! Mum and baby are doing well after an emergency cesarean and Laila will have to spend the next 3 weeks in intensive care until she is 37 weeks but she is going to be okay! I am so excited! And it made my Oz Day that much better but the hangover so much worse with the combined home sickness... Congratulations Lee and Besh! I will be home with Laila in my arms before you and I know it! Love Aunty Liz xx