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Donna’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 06 Dec 2006

Location: Namibia

MapHi everyone,

Some big things are now ticked off the list. Firstly, scary animals... I did it!!! We stayed at Cheetah Park last night. There were wild cheetahs rooming around behind a fence. We went out in the back of open trucks to watch the cheetahs being feed. It was truely amazing. And then we patted a tame cheetah. I absolutely loved it.

To my surprise, I was flicking through the guest book and found Shiralee's name from 2 years ago. Couldn't believe it! Now my name is in the book as well.

Today we do our first proper game drive in Etosha National Park. We drive during the day and look for animals, and then at night we sit at the floodlight waterhole and watch them drink.

Have been starting to miss showers (longest is 48 hours without a shower), have cold showers, pee on the side of the road, and generally feel like I am in Africa. Till next time.... XX