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Donna’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 12 Dec 2006

Location: Botswana

MapArrhh, slow internet drives you crazy!!

OK, WOW, where to start. Since I wrote, we went to Etosha National Park and it was amazing!! We went on a game drive and saw the most amazing things: a herd of baby and mother elephants, a lion and some zebra, giraffe up close, springbox, wildebeast, antelope. It was the most incredible experience... you just want more and more. At nights, we sat by the floodlit waterholes (behind a very dodgy looking fence) and watched the animals come to drink. I was super super patient and waited half the night with 4 other dedicated mates. We were rewarded with a giraffe and zebra that took 2 hours to get from one side of the waterhole to the other! We also saw a rhino, which I have been told is quite rare. Then the next night, we saw a massive elephant come right up to the fence. I was sure we were going to die!

The past 3 days and nights have been spent in the delta. We took boats out to an island and then camped with no water, showers, toilets. We went on game walks (that's right, just us and the animals, no truck). We walked for 5 hours... far out... but again were rewarded with the most amazing sight of 'plenty' (as the tour guide said) of buffalo. He said there were 600 of them, watching us for 10 mins, before stampeeding off. Seriously, it was incredible. The guide actually tracked these buffalo by examing the poo - he kept saying 'this is fresh'. I have never looked at so much poo!

Its funny because I am so NOT the most scared on the tour. Even the boys get themselves worked up. They convinced themselves that there was a crocodile in the water yesterday! Our tour leader told us the 'crocodile' was in fact, a dead water lily!

I am still keeping well. My toenail is still black. My clothes are still dirty. I am still smiling and loving the experience. We are now going for a scenic flight over the delta to hopefully spot more animals and get an appreciation of where we have been camping. I believe the next update from me will be in a week from Victoria Falls. Hope everyone is well. Donna X