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Donna’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 28 Dec 2006

Location: Tanzania

MapHi everyone,

Hope there were lots of happy people on Christmas. I have had an interesting time since I last wrote. The bigs news....

My skin disease turned out to be a fungal infection, over half the people on the tour had/have it, but mine was in a place where I could not see it so it was stressing me out. In my wisdom, I decided to lie on the beach to 'dry it out'. Unfort I managed to get really sunburnt (despite having sunscreen on) and then couldn't walk (like that time I got burnt in QLD with Redge and Shez). So needless to say, I really wasnt a very happy camper the day before Christmas, as I couldn't walk and coudn't sit in the truck! But Christmas came and went, with a lot of rain, and now both my fungus and sunburn are doing much better. I'm more 'myself' again and enjoying being on tour. For a few days, it felt really tough, esp given that we had just got a new group of people. And then just to really make you laugh... I also got stung by a wasp!!! The tour leader, driver and cook have been so sweet to me, making sure I'm happy, they think I have had enough bad luck! So all is good again.

It was a bit hard to be away from home on Christmas, esp given that I couldn't email or text... absolutely no contact with home. I thought about everyone alot, esp my family (love you lots). Now we have caught the ferry to Zanzibar and are about to go and watch the sun set.

A few days ago, a group of us went on a village tour, it was amazing to see their school, hospital and church. We are going on another similar tour tomorrow. I will prob go snorkeling as well.

I hope everyone is gearing up for a great new years. We are staying on a beach for new years and have to be up at 4am the next day... I don't think we will bother putting up our tent!! It has been raining alot on the second half of the trip, everything and everyone is always damp.

Will write again when I can, thanks for the messages. Miss you Mum and Amanda. Love Donna X