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Donna’s Travel Diary

Friday, 05 Jan 2007

Location: Tanzania

MapHey hey,

Probably the last diary entry as only a few days to go on the trip. Since I last wrote, things have been really looking up.... no more fungus, no more sunburn, my toe nail finally fell off (Dimitri, does that mean I am coming back to Africa???) and I met a new boy.... who is sitting next to me.... so won't write anymore!!

We had new years on the beach in Dar es Salam. It was a really good, simple, fun night. Mind you, I didn't sleep at all.... wake up time was 4.30am, and so we decided just to stay up drinking all night. I was still in my 'party clothes' at 9pm the next day!! Hope everyone enjoyed their new years as well. On new years day, we had to travel for over 13 hours on the truck, not so much fun when you are extremely hungover.

The last three days have been spent in the Serengetti National Park. We didn't see as many animals as we expected as they have had alot of rain, which means that the grass is too long, the roads have been washed away and the animals are all hiding! I didn't feel too upset, as I had already seen animals before. The second night at camp was really awesome... there was a buffalo in our campsite, right next to our tents. There were only a few of us still up and so we had to get into our tents straight away. Once in my tent, the buffalo came right up next to my window. I decided there was no point panicking and so I just watched him for 10 mins.

Today is day 41 of 45 and so we are really on the tail end. This tour ends tomorrow and then there is a 3 day free Masi Mara tour at the end. So, this will probably be my last chance to write until I get back to Dubai, so thanks for all your messages. Hope everyone is healthy and happy. Donna X