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Donna’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 07 Jan 2007

Location: Kenya

MapHi everyone,

Well the trip has ended. After 6 weeks on the same truck, it sure is a strange feeling to be on our own again. I had a really enjoyable last few nights on the tour. Said goodbye to the boy I met this morning, will see what happens from here.

At the moment we are doing a 3 day free tour. There are only 7 of us in a mini-bus. We get to eat at restuarants and have the bill paid for by the tour company. Tomorrow we have a full day of game driving, which I am really looking forward to. The last game drive was a little disappointing so everyone is hoping to see lots of animals. We all know each other, which is good when you only have 3 days together.

Only 2 nights left in Africa and then I back to Dubai. I think my body is ready to get back to western life. We are all pretty sick: a few people got malaria and most of us have funny tummys. Hope everyone is well and enjoying the new year. Donna X