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Donna’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 11 Jan 2007

Location: United Arab Emirates

MapLucky for me, Shiralee has to tutor a crazy 13 year old Arab boy for 3 hours each morning... I wouldn't be able to keep up with the schedule otherwise!!

Yesterday, Shiralee and I went for coffee at the Dubai Marina, then out for thai food (it was so good, I'm so over beef stew and potatoes), then a few cocktails before the most comfortable night's sleep ever!! I did not know that a bed could be so comfortable... I slept all the night through without waking up once. Unfort I think that my body has realised that I am now in a Western country and it has decided that it wants to be a bit sick. All of Shiralee's friends have planned our time out here. Tonight Chin is cooking thai food at his place, apparently he is an amazing cook. It feels wierd because we can't bring a bottle of wine to his house to say thanks for cooking as it is illegal to buy alcohol here.

To Africa: Well, for me it was the perfect way to end a fantastic two years in London. It has made me feel ready to come home and appreciate what I have so much more. It certainly wasn't easy all of the time, but it was well worth the effort. There were plenty of laughs and unique experiences, and the opportunity to meet people from all over the world.

The highs: skydiving and sandboarding in Swokapmaud, elephant safari in Vic Falls, game drives in Etosha, Chobe, and Naraku National Parks, camping (the fire, the cards, the beers), the people and definately the crew, New Years eve.

The lows: being sick while trying to make connections with new people, being stuck under that horrible raft, being stung by a wasp (I thought I was very calm, even though my mates said I carried on and on... that doesn't sound like me).

The laughs: oh goodness, so many silly jokes, that would not even be funny if I tried to write them down. Rudy making me laugh, Rodgeiro making me laugh, Carl talking crap, aggressive games of cards and uno.... the list goes on and on.

I am hopefully going to put some of my photos on here soon, so stay tuned. I hope everyone is well and enjoying 2007. Thanks for reading and I will hopefully see some of you soon.... Love Donna X