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Donna’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 17 Jan 2007

Location: Geelong, Australia

MapWell I am back home, real home, that is. My beautiful country is nothing like I left it; so dry, just like the middle of Australia or like Namibia. From the air it is red and brown, while inside of my house looks like some state-of-the-art water conversation project. There are buckets under every tap to catch the extra water to put onto the garden as we are in stage 3 water restrictions. I feel like I am in a forgein country at times!

It has been funny coming home and realising that I am back in AUS. I found myself needing to go to the toilet the other day while in public and actually thought that I could go behind that nice bush!! When I got to Sydney I asked Melanie if it was safe to drink the water!!

The end of Dubai was fantastic. On the last day I finally went skiiing at the indoor ski slope. I kind of forgot that there would be no sun to warm me up and didn't rug up enough. It was soooo freezing in there that I had to leave with 7 mins still on my slope time. I did, however, attempt a jump on the 'experts only' run. So funny because I didn't have enough speed and just fell over the edge of the jump, skis going everywhere! Shiralee had me out drinking till 4am on the day my plane left (plane left at 9am). I woke up at 6.45am, wondering why we were both still in bed.... made it with plenty of time though in true Donna and Shiralee style.

Then it was onto Sydney for 2 lovely days with Melanie. I was quite jetlagged and sick, but we still managed to go for lunch, a picnic looking over Sydney Bridge and the Opera House and to the pub for dinner.

I am back in Geelong now and already feel like I am settling in. Amanda has organised a netball team with some old mates, our first game was last night, kicked arse (26 - 6). It felt really good to be exercising again and getting myself into some routines in Geelong, after all, I am living here for the first time in 11 years, rather than just visiting.

My boxes still haven't arrived, so it will be a while before I get all those important things like my memory card with my CV on it (whoops) and my camera cord so I can put photos on here. So you will have to log back onto here in a week or so so that you can finally check out my Africa photos. Thanks for reading and for those of you in AUS, I will hopefully see you in Geelong on Sunday. Love Donna XX