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Donna’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 17 Feb 2007

Location: Geelong, Australia

MapHi Everyone,

Its been a month back in Australia and I am doing really well, enjoying myself and this beautiful country. I think I have settled back in better than I would have expected, mainly due to my amazing sister and family, who have been keeping me busy and in high spirits.

Initially it was hard to find work and I was becomming a bit disillusioned by it (I really expected to have my own class at school), but once I accepted that it wasn't going to be, things have been looking up. I presented myself at half the schools in Geelong with my CV and signed up with the only teaching agency... and I have been booked up with teaching ever since! I have up to three different schools ringing to have me teach on the same day. Its really good to be working again after not working for almost 4 months. Of course, I can't wait to have my own class, but CRT teaching isn't that bad, I get to leave at 3.30pm each day!

I am going to live in Melbourne for 4 weeks in March to work at Wallarano (my old school). I will be living with Andrew and Auntie Di who is 7.5 months pregnant. I organised Wallarano when I wasn't getting any work at all, and my old principal was kind enough to book in that month for me. As it turns out, I would probably get enough work in Geelong, but I am happy to be seeing the kids, parents and stafff up there (and get paid for it at the same time!). It will also mean I can catch up with friends in Melbourne.

Geelong is a lovely place to live. Amanda, Heath (her boyfriend) and some of our friends have formed a netball team (we are undefeated). The beach is close and this weekend it will be 38degrees both days.

My big news (Dimitri - you were right about saying I would go back to Africa) is that I am going to South Africa in my Easter Holidays. Neil, the boy I met on my African tour, surprised me with tickets to come and visit him. Of course I said yes, and are really looking forward to seeing him again.

I really hope you enjoy looking at the photos. They took forever to upload, up to 30mins per file!

I hope all is well in your world, wherever you are. Take care, Donna XX