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Ashunta Bunta’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 05 Oct 2006

Location: Entebbe, Uganda

MapThis webpage is being written after the trip because it's very hard to find good internet in East Africa! So right now I'll just tell you the countries we went to and later I'll come back with more details (after all we only just got back and it's hard to think of everything that happened let alone having to deal with going back to work as well...)
I'm hoping the other Ashunta Buntas will help me with this page and will add some of their pics also!
And then there's the story of how we came to be Ashunta Buntas! Then the Ashunta Bunta anti-tribe.... There's Stacey, campaigns and elections, Sheba stories, Waragi, Gorilla business, Masai Alex, What?&%*, Embalel engai, the bye bye song, ganja farmer ahhh so much to tell......

Well once upon a time in Entebbe, Uganda there were 8 Aussies, 1 Ugandan and 1 yellow Stacey truck.....

ok I already have writers block!

Countries: Uganda, Rwanda, Kenya, Tanzania

I'll carry on when the creative juices start flowing again...
(the pictures are good though! really!!)