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wehl’s Travel Diary

Friday, 17 Nov 2006

Location: Mendoza, Argentina

MapWe both really enjoyed Mendoza - known as the ´land of sunshine and good wine` - its a great leafy city with many restaurants serving fantastic beef off the ´grill´and great red wine - in particular the ´malbec` blend.

Went on a wine tour for Hamish´s birthday - visited 3 wineries:
< 1 was state of the art + been going for over 200years
< 1 was very traditional - many of the processes still done by hand
< the other was quite industrial - producing brandy + other alcohol

the day was finished with an amazing lunch with our tour group.

Visited San Martin Park - beautifully designed park based around a lake where private sports clubs are situated and regattas are held.

Also visited the Mendoza Zoo - a rather relaxed zoo with monkeys escaping their enclosures and goats cruising around.

Enjoyed a few drinks with Jonno Cull + his girlfriend - friend of Charlie Brown´s who is living in Mendoza.

We had a much needed Spanish lesson on the Friday afternoon before jumping on an overnight bus to Buenos Aires.