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wehl’s Travel Diary

Monday, 20 Nov 2006

Location: Buenos Aires, Argentina

MapArrived Saturday mid morning after a long bus ride from Mendoza - it is so worthwhile travelling at night - as we don`t lose any of the days.

We stayed the first night in the San Telmo area - which we love - very atmospheric place with lots of old cafes/restaurants, cobbled streets, many antique shops and little art galleries housed in original Colonial residences built by wealthy settlers to the area before the yellow fever epidemic in the late 19th century.

Plaza Dorrego, the area´s main square, hosts the famous Sunday markets which we went to. Side streets are closed to traffic and the plaza itself is filled with dozens of booths selling old colonial collectibles, professional Tango entertainers and musicians entertaining the crowds of visitors flowing through the streets. The antique silverware, cuttlery, glassware and jewellry is unbelievable.

Went to our next hostel Sunday afternoon, situated in the Microcentre of Buenos Aires - one that has been highly recommended to us - Millhouse Hostel. It´s definitely living up to its party reputation and it´s great to relax + get to know other travellers - in particular the Irish so far.

Spent Monday looking around the Microcentre to Plaza de Mayo and down to Peurto Medero, Buenos Aires´main waterfront area where a lot of development + gentrification is happening - many new offices, apartments, restaurants, cafes, museums etc.

Went to the Recoleta area yesterday afternoon - mainly to see the famous cemetery where the famous and wealthy have family tombs - including Eva `Evita` Peron. Really beautiful area of town, and nice to get away from all the riots and protests happening in the microcentre due to poor saleries + employment conditions.

Big party in the hostel last night - in house DJ and great local drinks - nice way to spend a Monday night!