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wehl’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 25 Nov 2006

Location: Punta del Este, Uruguay

MapCaught the ferry from Buenos Aires on Wednesday morning to Colonia, Uruguay; than jumped on a bus to Montevideo then onto Punta del Este, arriving here Wednesday evening.

Punta del Este is a narrow peninsular, about 130kms east of Montevideo and is a very popular beach holiday destination for South Americans. It is just before peak season at the moment though, leaving the beaches nice and quiet.

We are staying at a great hostel right near the beach, recommended by Holly and Joey from when they were here earlier in the year. We are enjoying a very relaxed atmosphere with a daily routine of walking to the local marina and watching the fishermen clean their catch and feed the massive seals with the offal, going for long walks around the peninsuar, swims in the very chilly Atlantic and enjoying the local beers & wines.

It has been great to get some sun and surf before heading to Peru, then onto Bolivia next week.