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wehl’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 03 Dec 2006

Location: Lima, Peru

MapSpent our first day at the local handycraft markets and walking to Parque del Amor, situated on the clifftops above Costa Verde, the main beach below Miraflores. Lima has a really dramatic landscape with some of the beaches surrounded by clifftops standing 500m above sea level.

Met up with Anna Warrick (friend from school) and their gorgeous labrador ´Frieda´ in the afternoon and went back to their apartment in Miraflores. We stayed with Anna and Tom Barnes for the weekend, which has been fantastic. It was great timing, as Lou and Cath McCormack arrived back into Lima from their 3 week tour through Peru + Bolivia, and were also staying with Anna and Barney. We picked up some great advice from Lou + Cath, as we are just about to begin our travels through some of the areas they have been through (Cusco, Inca trail + Machu Pichu, Arequipa, Salt Plains).

Very fun weekend:
< beautiful meals at favourite local reataurants
< night out at a salsa club
< day trip to El Silencio beach, a great surfing beach south of Lima
< party at a friend of Barney + Anna´s
< visit to Lima´s black markets
< visit to some great local food markets
< afternoon beers + piscos at a local pub overlooking the surf

All in all a great weekend and nice to see some familiar faces.

Goodbyes all round as we left for our overnight bus to Arequipa, Cath left for Bolivia and Lou headed back to Brisbane.