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wehl’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 05 Dec 2006

Location: Arequipa, Peru

MapArrived from Lima late morning in Arequipa - located at 2380m ASL, at the base of El-Misti volcano. It is a beauiful city with about 1million people. It has many Spanish buildings built out of Sillar, a pearly white volcanic material almost exclusively used in the construction of Arequipa.

We visited the main plaza, then went to Santa Catalina Convent - which was only opened to the public in 1970 after 4 centuries of mystery. It is a complete miniature walled colonial town of over 2Ha in the middle of the city, where over 450 nuns lived in total seclusion.

We then visited Museum Sanutarios Andianas which contains the frozen Inca mummies including the famous 'Juanita' who lay under ice for over 500 years, until her discovery up at the summit of a volcano in only 1990s.

Had a busy first day here, as we only planned to stay here overnight, before catching a bus to Puno. However, local farmers near Puno had a strike, closed the main road, and delayed our bus until the next afternoon.

The remaining time spent in Arequipa was spent at our hostel, kicking back in the hammocks and chcking out the town.