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wehl’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 09 Dec 2006

Location: Copacobana, Bolivia

MapArrived into Copacobana mid afternoon, checked into our hostel overlooking the town and the lake.

Caught a dodgy ferry out to Isla del Sol, which has been identified by the Incas as the birth place of the Sun. About 2500 people live on the island, and there are no vehicles, however lots of donkeys, llamas and alpacas to carry loads around. We spent the day walking from the north of the island to the south, passing ancient Inca ruins, traditional villages and little kids out watching over the herds of sheep.

Both loved Copacobana - its a nice relaxing with delicious trout to eat from the lake.

Caught a bus the following afternoon to La Paz, arriving early saturday evening. We were both blown away with the first view of La Paz - a sprawling city that fills a huge canyon - it is even more amazing at night looking up at the glittering lights of the houses, filling the walls of the canyon.

Staying at Adventure Brew hostel, which has its own home brew beer - happy hour every evening and pancake breakfasts every morning - happy days.