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wehl’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 10 Dec 2006

Location: Death Road, La Paz, Bolivia

MapToday we did a mountain bike ride down 'death road' - a 70km stretch of road between the summit outside La Paz and Coroico.

Beginning at 4600m, the road heads down to 1700m ASL, via a steep, narrow and at times muddy stretch of road with sheer drops of over 1000m in parts. Saying that, we didn't find it unsafe, as our guide was excellent. The first 30kms was bitumen, passing 2 drug control check points, before we hit the single lane dirt road. Luckily there was not too much traffic, as a new US funded road has been built due to the number of vehicle fatalities.

After a beautiful shower and lunch, we jumped on the bus for 3hrs back up to La Paz. Very hair raising bus ride - much worse than the bike ride. It was an awesome day - with views of dense rainforest and coca plantations the whole way down.