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wehl’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 16 Jan 2007

Location: San Rafael Falls Bikeride, Ecuador

MapMet our group and 2 guides early on the morning of Jan. 15 to begin our mountain bike tour with 'The Biking Dutchman'. Jumped in the landrover with our bikes strapped on top and headed west out of Quito, to a spot on the Andes at 4400m asl. With 7 of us on the tour, we had a heap of fun hooning down a mixture of dirt and sealed roads for 40km towards Baeza. Passed through cloud forest, lakes and waterfalls. Arrived into Baeza, put the bikes on top, and drove to the San Rafael falls which were amazing. After having a dip at the base of the falls, we headed back to Baeza for a beautiful dinner of fresh local trout.

Awoke the following morning to go on a 2hr rainforest walk - very beautiful vegetation and waterfalls - but very wet weather! Visited a local animal farm project where we saw native pigs and tapirs. Tapirs are so strange - they are like a cross between an elephant and an anteater - weighing upto 250kgs. After our walk we went to some hots springs to soak amongst the cloud forest, before jumping on our mountain bikes, cruising along dirt tracks back towards Quito. Unfortunately along the way, a mother of a wasp flew into my face and got caught under my helmet strap, biting me on the cheek - youch.

After arriving back into Quito, we swung by the Biking Dutchman's house, who owns the most gorgeous dog 'Molly' - she is a tan and black English Mastiff who weighed about 100kgs (mum you would have loved her - she was just like Elle!).

All in all, an awesome 2 days.