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wehl’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 13 Jan 2007

Location: Otavalo, Ecuador

MapAfter returning from Lago Agrio, we decided to get on another bus, for a change, and travel 2hrs north of Quito to Otavalo where the famous markets are held every Saturday. The market is centered around 'Poncho Plaza', spilling into adjacent streets where we found everything from jumpers to armadillo shell guitars, wall hangings to ceramic fried eggs. It is the most colourful market with beautiful carpets, cushions and tapestries with traditional Indian patterns, blankets, clothes, hats, jewelery, fruits, vegetables, animals and everythings else imaginable. We decided on some great cushion covers.
We jumped on a bus back to Quito early afternoon - watching, once again another John Claude Van Dam dvd which they seem to love!