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wehl’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 27 Jan 2007

Location: Puerto Escondido, Mexico

MapFlew into Mexico City on the afternoon of Jan. 18th, stopping briefly at Panama City, which has the most incredible duty free shopping! Staying in the heart of the city, only a block from the main plaza, we spent the afternoon walking the streets and booking our bus trip to Puerto Escondido for the following night.

Mexico City is beautiful, which we discovered more of the following morning whilst on a walking city tour. It has so many amazing buildings, many being a legacy of the Spanish.

Caught the overnight bus to Puerto Escondido, where we happened to sit next to an Australian guy who was studying Landscape Architecture and also went to school in Armidale - bizaar! Arrived into Puerto about 9am, Saturday 20th. After realising we couldn´t see the beach from our hotel and we had to walk over 20mins to go for a dip - we quickly changed location. We are now staying virtually above Zicatela beach, which is where the famous Mexican pipeline originated. Needless to say, we aren´t out there with the big boys, but enjoy watching some great surfing. We both love it here - our days consist of walking along the beach to a little cove called Carrizalillo, where we sit on the beach under our own little cabana and get served fresh coconuts, cold beers and juices in between dips, snorkling and reading our books. In the evening, we sit on Zicatela beach, drinking cocktails and beers, watching the sun set over the ocean - it really is an awesome place.

We are here for another week, doing exactly the same thing, before we head back to Mexico City next Monday night. Our plans are to fly up to Colorado on 7th Feb. to fit in some skiing at Vail and Aspen and catch up with Jack Forrest and some good friends of Rachel Wehl´s.