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simonsquared’s Travel Diary

Monday, 01 Jan 2007

Location: Fort Cochi, India

Mapwe are in southern india in the town of fort cochin in the state of kerala. there is a muslim population here and they appear not to be happy that saddam was executed. we've been here for two days and both days have had demonstrations and/or strikes. on our first night here while waiting for a dance performance to begin we heard yelling and a few bottles and bricks hit the building. the doorman locked the doors and did not allow anyone in or out for about thirty minutes. the audience was visibly disturbed but our night ended without further incident. thankfully.

yesterday (new year's eve) we took a ferry to the small town across the harbor and got back to cochin about 6 pm. we were walking to a festival near the waterfront and saw demonstrators chanting and marching. travelers walking in front of us stopped and turned to back. the demonstrators started walking towards us and the locals not demonstrating started running and ducking into alleyways and houses. the demonstrators started moving faster and faster towards us. we ran to a hotel about 100 meters down the road and pushed our way in as they were closing the wooden gate. we were no more than five steps through the gate when we saw and heard bricks and rocks being thrown at and over the gate. the rocks and bricks made a hole in the wooden gate. the hotel kept its gates closed and we stayed until midnight, and then walked the ten minutes back to our hotel.