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Norma and Matt’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 03 Dec 2006

Location: MORDOR, New Zealand

MapToday was the best day of the trip!!!! (according to me.....HA-HA!!!!! HE-HE!!!!) we went on an outrageous Land Rover 4X4 expedition!!! We went over rocks and through rivers and on steep cliffsides to visit some of the historic areas of NZ as well as to many film locations of all three "Lord of the Rings" movies!!! WAY COOL!! :-) Both our drivers (or adventure leaders!!) were extras in several of the movies and one actually has an appearance (be it only for 5 seconds) It was very interesting hearing all of the environmental extremes the director CHOSE to go through to leave the landscape as it was to have as little human impact as possible!!. I took loads of pictures and will drive everyone crazy showing you all exactly where we were with respect to the scenes!! YIPPEE!!! (We will get to see all three movies again!!!). Well enough of my carrying on we also have an exciting day set for tomorrow but we will explain all about it after we return from all the FUN!! Thats about it from Queenstown (or better known as MORDOR!!) so we will talk to you later.

Ciao 4 now!!

Matthew & Norma