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We're hungry’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 28 Nov 2006

Location: Secret east coast, Philippines

Map9hrs on a plane, 30mins walking, 5hrs on a bus, 15mins on a tricyle, 5hrs in a van all in a row and we finally arrive at cool spot on the east coast of the mainland.

We came here for surfing and thats pretty much all we've done...never thought we surf a reef but we did it on our 3rd surf!!! 3 ft perfect barrels all to ourselves for msot of the time.

Summary of last 3 days:
* when going thru customs the bagagae security guy said to coats, "did you notice anything strange on the screen??". Then Coats said "No".mike Quickly follows and says "can you see her dildo?" and the man said "yeah i can see it can you" Coats was so embarrassed and said narh.."its my tripod I swear!!!" (sure coats) Shes gonna stay in a separate room for the rest of the trip now!!
* coats said she'd could gang rape a box of sultana bran coz she was so hungry.
* twot looks like she's got lepoarcy from so much sea lice..Al closely following.
* so many cute kids that love us. About 60 were standing around us follong wat we said like "hello,how are you etc" then bec says "say BOOBIES" and they all follow so intentively!!
* So much arousal over the waves
* Coats spat out some food saying that it tasted of faeces, we find out it was chicken liver!!!
* Mike's really worried coz for the first time in his life he's constipated
* Bec - "you wish you could marry my mum"
Al " Yeah i do so then i'd be your dad and I could own you!!" hehehe

Anyway having a awesome time. We're a good team so far, having heaps of fun adventures!!