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We're hungry’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 02 Dec 2006

Location: La Union - san Juan, Philippines

MapFEELIPINO - this title has a very disturburbing yet extremely funny story that we can't post coz we'll vomit like whores if we have to mentally relive it now...Will explain at home.......

* Girls r looking more manly than ever with cut arms from 9days straight surfing. It hurts!!
*We've been heaps lucky with the surf, 9days of awesome waves mostly to ourselves!! pretty rare as it's typhoon season so weather changes all the time.
* Mike got Coats again....Said to market dvd salesman "she want lesbian porn" the man won't leave her alone shoving porno's in her face.
* Lady man grabbed mike and said "i'm virgin and available"
* Couldn't go running on roads coz of imbread hungry dogs. Locals tip was to pick up a rock when they went at you and the dog will piss off. It worked even when we pretended.
*Couldn't go running on beach coz of imbread hungry feelipinos. Horniest asians!!! Suprising coz don't they have small doodles??
*Apparently us girls are "big and sexy"
* Mike accidently drank tap water when cleaning his teeth. Had explosive arse piss 5 times in one day, just before a 7hr bus trip- thank god for Immodium. First stop on the bus trip he pushed everyone out of the way for the dirty toilets. He loves it.
*Al did a fart on the bus (pretty bad one) mike "you're f--ked Al", AL replied "you're just jealous coz if you fart you'll explode and shit yourself"
*Got heaps pissed off a bottle of red soft!!
*Getting to the surf is a mission. One time they threw our boards on top of these "jeepnee" things. Mike and Twot had to hang off the back and hold on for 15mins. So damn dodgy!!

Hope everyone is having a great summer.