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We're hungry’s Travel Diary

Monday, 04 Dec 2006

Location: Manila - fucking hole!!!, Philippines

Arrived off the bus at 12pm. Got harrassed by feelipinos who wanted us to get in their taxi even though we couldn't fit with our massive board bag!! Coats cracked the shits walked off way from the annoying asians but she got even more invaded by more!! they stood in our faces while we consulted our friend, the lonely planet!! about 1am we were ready to scream. eventually hooked up a van that took us to a city close to the airport. Walked around till 4am looking for cheap/available accomo. 2 of us would mind the mass of bags we have, while 2 checked accomo. We had to fight off dirty,homeless kids. They'd grab and hug us while the others would try and grab our stuff. Pretty scary. Also heaps sad - some little boy were about 8yrs old and were blind drunk!!
Also so many homeless ppl asleep on the paths with little babies and children. Was horrible to see. Worst City. Makes Bangkok look like paradise.
Eventually got a room. Hanging around this dirty city now waiting to go to Amsterdam.


P.S mike's fire bum has cleared up!!

Oh and running jokes/comebacks:
"If you do that again i'll":
* mike "put tap water in your bottle so you get arse piss"
* girls to each other " i'll steal your pill, so that you erupt like a volcano
* everyone to twot "i'll steal your laxitives so you can't poo"
* girls to mike "we'll steal your immodium so you can't stop shitting yourself!!