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We're hungry’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 06 Dec 2006

Location: Amsterdam - out on shrooms!!, Netherlands

MapMet up with mitch who'd been sleeping at the airport waiting for his lover mike!!! They would let go of each other!!!

Straight away we dropped our stuff at accomo and got shitfaced. Mitch was talking up how much he'd been drinking in Canada and how much of a hard core partier he was, but quickly became our leggless novelty. We went stumbling through the red light district teasing prostitutes and pushing Mitch into their dens. One even locked the door with him in there, shut the curtain and demanded 50 Euro. We got him out unvoilated.

Once he'd fallen down a 2m ditch and spewd his way to bed at bigdog time, we all hit the shrooms. Hahaha lets just say that in Amsterdam thay are not a drug they are a fungus and a damn good one at that. Absolutely crazy night, so much fun and weirdest / coolest experience ever including: fits of laughter, giggles, turning into a meat patty, wardrobes transforming, being attacked by a spoofmonster which turned out to be a dirty doona, watching a circuis, being alice in wonderland ..... put it this way we were wigging. Fun times.

After 2 full days of space cake, Js and mushies we crawled through a thunder storm to the airport.