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We're hungry’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 10 Dec 2006

Location: Sussosvlei & Swakomund, Namibia

MapFrom the airport we picked up our mad fourby and made our way through the Kalahari Desert in Botswana, across to Namibia.

We've been to the best display of sand dunes in the world. Sunrise and sunset and have already seen a whole bunch of African wildlife. We smashed our quads and burnt the shit out of our feet climbing up one of the biggest dunes, and then ran down it wieghtlessly.

Now at Swakomund which is where the desert reaches the sea. Shipwrecks in the water, awesome african architecture and beer at the sunset over the ocean.


Wanted to post photos but the angry nigga wouldn't let us so we'll do it later. Hope everything is well at home, we heard about the bushfires in OZ. Hope everyone is safe, in terms of us - we're all really well and lovin it.