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We're hungry’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 17 Dec 2006

Location: Namibia

MapDestinations: Namibia Central to Nth Namibia - Crossing into Zambia and then to Botswana.

Okay all finally I (Mike) get a turn on this website. The girls loves keeping me totally unaware of what stuff they put on this thing.

We left Swakopmund (quad biking place) and headed to Etosha NP. We managed to scam out of paying for camping for the 3 nights we stayed there. Highlights included:
- Seeing a pack of 10 lions: 1 male who serviced 5 females and 4 cubs. Mitch and I wished we were males lions. The lioness does everything, including killing the prey and looking after the cubs. The lion just sleeps, eats and provides service calls.
- Meeting Al's real siblings and relatives, the Rhino. It snorts a lot, gets angry, stops on everything, charges and anything that moves and is generally very angry. These are very similart characteristics to my Sis. Dont b surprised if Al remains in Africa.
- Heaps of elephants, Zebra, Giraffe, Wildebeast and other animals were viewed.

Next stop was Livingstone in Zambia:
- The Rhino came out on the border crossing. Visas were meant to be free but they charged us $25USD. Rhinalison started abusing the officals saying "i know where the money is your are all corrupt..." They were not very impressed. I was taken into a separate room the girls gave me a condom in case any funny business occurred but we were safe.
- Vic Falls was amazing. Again border crossings killed us. To get into Zimbabwe for 4 hours they were charging $30USD. Rhinalison flipped out. After eventually calming down she paid the fee the girls really enjoyed Vic Falls. Mitch and I remained on the Zambia side playing 500 (card game) i'd already seen Vic Falls, Mitch said he had seen a waterfall before (how cultured.)
- Booze Cruise followed that night. $35 USD for the cheapest dirtiest spirits. We were all maggot, very maggot. Drinking started at 4:15pm we finished the cruise at 7pm and know one remembers much at all. I think everyone passed out at 9pm, Bec and Al a little bit later as they frolicked in the pool naked. Leah, the environmentally friendly person she is, spewed off the side of the boat onto a Hippo. Mitch jumped off the boat with a local who told him it was a good idea. I've never seen him swim so fast in all his life. Would have loved to have a heart rate monitor on him. The river was full of crocs and Hippos. Whilst you may think Hippos are calm and slow they are actually very angry and violent creatures. I think they are relatives of the Rhino.
- If you want more details of the night you will have to ask individuals.
- Forgot to mention Bec and AL (all sharing a tent) woke up naked at 4am and Leah woke up in the girls close. Not sure what was going on there. Was pretty funny because we all woke up at the same time at 4am raring to kick on. Mind you we were still very drunk.
- The next morning's hangover was great. LEah was a great help packing up the site (extreme sarcasim!!!!!!). She spent at least 5 hours sitting in the shower on her thongs, had a few more spews and her brain was functioning at about 5% of normal capacity. Bec and Alison followed being quite useless and vomitting once each. Mitch and I felt like ass. Managing to play 500 very badly for most the day before we all headed off to Botswana.