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We're hungry’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 23 Dec 2006

Location: Chobe, Moremi and now Maun, Botswana

MapHi everyone, we're in Botswana now. Caught a ferry over from Zambia after the dreaded party nights and booze cruising.

Alot of driving and doing the Jimmy on campsites. We cracked the shits with the poor maintenance of the roads and the massive road fees, so now there is no remorse. We get as much free stuff as we can. Constantly hiding ourselves in the back of our 4x4 to cut down on 'per person' fees. Hammering straight through authorities check points so as to not pay. We really are getting good at it.

Chobe National Park:
We went in and set up camp, played 500 for a good few hours and then us girls decided to go and pay for our campsite. "Half hour round-trip" to the gate. As the mudswamped roads got worse, the sun was going down and the animals were coming out. Elephants. OK, elephants can be really dangerous as we were quick to discover in Africa.

We parked still as a herd of 30 Elees charged up the embankment and across the road. Once they were gone we slowly crept up to get past. Keeping a 360 degree eye we found a whole herd directly on our right looking at us but they were calm. So we watched, amazed. 2 seconds later, the remaining 3 massive Elees were doing their "Im about to charge you and gang-rape your car" dance to te left.

Shat ourselves, first gear, traction finally, sped off, lived. It was fun.
We are now more scared of Elees than any other animal in the world.

Another quick Chobe National Park story:
The next day we embraced a new game drive, heading in the direction of our next campsite. With no map, and no roadsigns anywhere in Botswana, we finally managed to get on the right road. Worst ever. As the road got dodgier and the thunderstorm became overhead we were all too proud to turn around.

Driving across rivers, over ditches and rocks, squeezing through tight bushes and knee deep water. 4 hours in, the storm had calmed, we only had about one hour to go, we got to a point where the road had dissappeared. We all split and wandered around in the rain, yelling out to each other to make sure noone had been eaten by a lion or any other predator.

Back to the car with no idea. We drove around, still nothing, The wet season had swallowed the road and the stupid Botwanians had not bothered to check it in months, not put up a simple "road closed" sign. Turned around, Lucky we had Mitch who discovered a talent with 4-wheel driving.

Snoopdogg and his gang won that war but suck shit because we didn't pay our National Park or Camping Fees AH AH AH!

What are we doing NOW you ask? Well we are in Maun, a "city" in Botswana, looking for something to do tonight as it is Christmas Eve.
This morning we went on a slow plane across the Okavango Delta to see the heards from aerial view. Pruddy cool.