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We're hungry’s Travel Diary

Friday, 29 Dec 2006

Location: Maun - Xmas Partying., Botswana

MapAfter searching around for some whities to party with on XmasEve, we resorted to the black chicks at our lodge. Took a chance. While waiting for them to go home and freshen up, we played the 100s Club. The girls did red wine and the pussy boys did beer (Mike some red).

* Mitch - 100 shots - 100 mins - 0 spews
* Mike - 100 shots - 100 mins - multiple projectile spews at 90 mins
* Al - 95 shots - 93 mins - spewed at 30, 60 and 95 (burnt out oesophegus)
* Coats - 55 shots - 100 mins - 0 spews
* Twot - 100 shots - 100 mins - spewed her hole up on 99, diving back to the table to clear her 100th shot in time.

So anyway, the Niggas rocked up to pick us up and take us out with 4 MASSIVE black guys.

We were pretty freaked so we played kings to get them to loosen up a bit. They took us into the crazy hood and night clubs full of floating teeth and eyes. We learned tribal dancing, and we all danced outside Boi's house for hours. Xmas in the ghettos in Maun, pretty amazing.

Never felt so white.