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We're hungry’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 03 Jan 2007

Location: Zanzibar Island, Tanzania

MapZanzibar was our destination for new years.

On NYEve Eve we saw a new side to Mitch Braund. Didn't think he'd ever come up with something so creative and freaky.

OK, so he and Mike were shitfaced. Mike's out of sight and Mitch is hooking up with this Bohaemith German chick. She was hot but she was huge. He stopped, turned to us 3 girls and said with a smirk


Put his hand down her pants and ripped out a large tuft of pubes, pulled it out and waved it in the air laughing. It was so shocking that there was no laughing until atleast a few hours past. Well done Mitch, so original. He spent the next 3 nights trying to find the poor girl cos he doesn't remember it at all.

* Pretty similar to Asian Islands in many ways.
* Really nice beaches
* Massai Warriors everywhere selling jewellery.
* Hottest/nicest blackie ever who loved Al. Still tho, 1 in how many have AIDS? (Al: "wasn't even tempted, but he was f--kING hot").
* Spewy hangover days for many, dry reaching at restaurants etc
* Paddle boats with beers, making a ruccus of the restaurant patrons water views with our f--king bullshit. HAhah
* Even tho it's a party Island there was a lot of weed so we really pissed in their water by hooking into the Thai Red Bulls (Reh Booh an Vohka for those who like to speak wog).
* Slept on the beach new years as we had no accomodation.
* Definately going back it was an awesome spot.

Heading to Mozambique now so might find that the net is hard to access once again. Sorry guys we're useless.
Hope all's well at home whatever you are.