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We're hungry’s Travel Diary

Friday, 12 Jan 2007

Location: Tofinos, Mozambique

MapStill in Mozambique. Staying on a cliff at Tofinos. Pretty good, it's $8 each per night for the best views and a fully furnished house.

Mozam is all about beaches, seafood and $3 bottles of Tipo Tinto (african rum). Lucky for us there has been a cyclone swell which came from Madagascar so there was 4-5 ft surf at the point in front of our house. We have had our feet cut up jumping off the rocks but other than that it's been good.

A couple of nights ago we went to a beach house party and were having beer bongs through a snorkel. Mike ate 5 of the hottest chillies ever and a raw prawn, and spewd it all up, and woke up on the cliff. No wonder he shat 6 times the next day, and burnt his ring off.

To add to his war zone, Mike came off the back of a ute the other day when we were scabbing a lift to get to the surf. The guy took a sharp turn and Mike lost his grip and fell on the road. Took chunks out of his hand, knee and ankle while sliding metres across the gravel.

The day after the party we went on a ocean safari to swim with the whale sharks but we didn't find any whale sharks we all just vomited our alcohol bellies off the side of the boat the whole time. As soon as Mike started spewing Leah and Al were over. Interesting way to spend $55. Africa has defeated our iron guts, more spew than ever in our lives.

We have a heap of Saffies staying in the house next door to us, our age and they're awesome. They're from Jo'burg and we are organising to go out with them the night before we leave for OZ. Part of the experience ey?

We've met so many cool South Africans along the way it's ridiculous. Two of our friends from Cape Town just got engaged so we went over to the best house we've ever seen last night for celebration dinner. Was good as we were all quite empty stomached after the day time.

Girls we are planning our next trip to Safrica to get husbands, they are all hot and rediculously nice.

Mike's belly has become so weak that he dry reaches over anything. For instance, on the flight from Tanzania to Maputo 2 Bangladesh -ians thought they had become friends with Mike n Mitch. They sat in front of us, Mike sat down, looked at Mitch and said "can you smell that?". It was the worst smell ever. Mike began the dry reaching. We had to change seats. Even thinking about that smell makes him queasy. So funny.

Were going Deep Sea Fishing tmoro hopefully. I think that every one of you would love Mozambique we highly recommend it. Piss cheap, safe and coastal - just don't step on a landmine.

We get back on the 19th Jan, landing at about 2.35pm, but will be with families for that night I suppose.

FACT: Apparently 1 in 20 mozzies in Mozam is carrying Malaria. Bit scary.
FACT: Mike n Leah won the world series of 500 against Al n Mitch.