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Fran’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 17 Apr 2003

Location: Arambol-Goa, India

Mapcoucou everybody ! it's too hot much too hot to keep the feets on the sand and the water is even not cool enough to refresh (these French people...always complaining !) so I came in this tiny internet cafe to explain a little bit where we are. Stare at your world map while relaxing in your toilet ;- 0, easy to find the subcontinent, look down at the peaky end, on the left side, the smallest Indian state... here we are in the mythic Goa! It's the end of the touristic season since the moonson is supposed to reach this shore in a little while but also the temperature has reached the level I love... about 40 degrees (celcius !). So we are the kings and queens of the Beach ! After 3 wicked days in buses and train in conditions you cant even imagine we found the lost paradise and a lovely/funny couple from Quebec with who Francois travelled in Sikkim. We stay in bungalows hanging on a cliff covered by coconut trees but spaced enough to see the sand and the rocks below, and the full Moon which blinked at us last night...After grilled fish and king prawns while enjoying the night view on Arambol bay, a midnight bath, we came back to our terrace, sipping a strong planteur and we smiled back at the moon:-)

During the day we hanged around the villages, flea markets and other amazing white and wide beaches, on....our motorbikes and scotters ! We loved it of course and I managed to start the machine and keep my bum on it for hours ! the landscape is so flat compared to our mountains but absolutly beautiful. You can still feel the strong impact of the portuguese with dozens of beautiful colored churches everywhere but also of course huge to tiny hindu temples in which they lighted candles and encens as soon as the sun disappeared. Magical atmosphere, we could have rided till the end of the night...

I know, it's disgusting, we are so sorry but just wait a little bit until we explain our three days trip and you will agree with us that we deserved this reward...

it's 2 pm, time for a little lunch on the beach while the guys are already playing with their new toys, I mean riding their big machines, we are going to join them in another village enjoying the wind blowing on our scooters.

Life seems very easy but we keep in mind where we are...

A lots of love to everyone and of course also to the French speakers from Sofi and Francois, Josee-Ann and Guy.