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Chris, Sam & Mark’s Travel Diary

Friday, 09 Mar 2007

Location: Kayak Crossing, USA


After checking in at the hotel, where we met with CME, the bar was next for a meet and greet. This was difficult as training for the over 70's Regional Linedancing Championships was in progress on the dance floor. (Just quietly, there is nothing funnier than a geriatric with a bad hip boot scootin' to Acky Breaky Heart). Several beers, and a few new friends, later it was time for a seedy feed LA style. Newbs and Siz opted for a meatball sub while Sam struck pure gold, and by gold I mean fat and grease. He got a burger from a joint called "Carls Jr", but there was nothing remotely junior about the size anything. The burger weighted about 3lbs and it took all three of us to finish the fries, the drink was a 64oz (1.92L) monster. The meal cost US$5.60 and got the better of all three of us. Yay for the fastfood nation!

Our roadtrip to Vegas was great, 60 of us squeezed into four, 15 seater vans, hungover and sweating it up. Good times. We arrived in Sincity around 7pm checked into the cheapest hotel available and hit the strip. Imagine a firecracker show in the middle of nowhere and you get a picture of Vegas. Add neon lights, outragous buildings and half naked ladies and you know you're in for a good night, unless you're someones wallet. Lets just say that if roulette was our friend, blackjack definately was not. Hence the reason we now only share 5 kidneys between 3 people.

Travel tip from the Boys #2:
Do not get pissed as nits prior to a 12hr roadtrip across Utah. There is nothing to see, it goes from 35 degrees during the day to minus 15 at night and the only food stops involved a "gentleman" named Hank, a shovel and whatever was hit on the Interstate the night before. Mmmmmm!

We got to Vail about 10pm, it was puking snow and the temp had dropped to -10F (-21C). Welcome to the Colorado Rockies in December lads.

Till next time, Over and out.