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Chris, Sam & Mark’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 19 May 2007

Location: Monteverde, Costa Rica


Hey all. Finally got a chance to upload some more photos and after a month here in Costa Rica we´ve got some good stories to tell. We arrived in San Jose on 20th April and after an interesting cab ride to our hostel (crazy roads and even crazier drivers) we settled in for a few Cervazas (beers). We bussed it to the Caribbean coast and moved in to our house. After 5 months driving, 15hr days, lazing on the beach and relaxing was just what the doctor ordered. Things were pretty uneventfull until we got robbed. Someone pinched Cammos laptop, two cameras, a couple of phones and an iPod. Trying to get a police report for insurance was a little difficult when none of us speak Spanish and not one cop in town Hablo ingles.

We got a lot of visitors from Vail and it was good to hang out with some familiar face. When Sarge, Glen and Muggers dropped in we decided a trip to Panama was on the cards. We headed to a place called Bocas del Toro for three days. While we were there we hung out with a local guy called Louis. He was our guide for three days and showed us some awesome reefs, took us snorkling and even had us lined up to see a cock fight. The ´cock fight´however was actually a friend of his with 2 angry chickens, so we didn´t end up going. That night a few beers in town turned into an epic saga when Newbs, Cammo, Glen and Sarge got caught up in a drug raid and had to spent some quality time with the local Policia. Everyone was fine and after a swin home at 5am the whole experience was just another great story.

Once back to Costa Rica we had a few more days in Puerto Veijo and then started our travels around the country. We white water rafted in Siquirres and managed to be only raft to flip in a rapid. Not sure what happened but Sam got flung into Siz and it went south from there. Did Class 3 and 4 which was great fun and cheap as chips. La Fortuna was next and after checking out the volcano (see photos) Newbs and Cammo decide to go Bungee jumping. While Sam and I were watching them jump we decided if we didn´t do it as well we´d never hear the end of it. The 12 or so beers we´d had that afternoon may have also been a decisive factor. Either way we all had a great time. Then yesterday we headed here to Monteverde. Did a canopy tour (zip lines through the trees) yesterday afternoon which was really good. There was a tarzan rope swing included on the tour and after swinging through the trees Sam managed to miss the capture point and ended up having to manhandle the guide (half his size) to avoid getting stuck. Good times, especially when big Pids is scared silly by heights.

So that gets us to today. Hungover we decided to have a quiet day in and catch up on some stories and post a few more photos. Hope you enjoy.

Till next time, Over and Out.