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Lisa’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 28 Nov 2006

Location: Vientiane, Laos

MapHi There,

Well I have had a busy few days. It started with a trip back to Vientiane from site in a 30 yr old russian helicopter. We flew over the Ang Nam Ngum which is a big hydro dam downstream of the project. I have up loaded some photos for you to take a look at. Once I was back in Vientiane I met up with the wife (Pui) of one of the guys who works at the mine and went out to dinner. We had a traditional Lao entree - Fried Crikets and Larvae. I have to admit they tasted a lot better than they sound. With entree out of the way I decided to stick to falang (foreigner) food and had a pizza!

The next day Pui took me house hunting and I have found a small apartment to live in for now. I have attached some photos of that as well. All I need are some curtains on the front sliding door (apparently privacy is not a big thing over here) and i am all good to go! Next break i am off to get a motorbike!

Well I hope you are all well!