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Lisa’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 06 Dec 2006

Location: Phu Bia Minesite, Laos

MapHello Again,

Late night last night playing poker with some of the guys from work - I managed to clean up so I may not be invited back!

Intersting day today, we had a Basi ceremony here at site. This is where we have Monks come from the Wat in Xaisomboune to bless the site and to please the good spirits. It involves the measuring each of our heads with a chain of candles. These are then all wound together - which simbolises bringing our spirit together and then burnt by the head Monk while the Monks chanted. Then we had water thrown over us - similar to having holy water splashed over us. Finally we had Basi strings tied around our wrists by the head Monk. This is to make sure we have our good spirits with us which will ensure good luck.

Offerings were then given to the Monks and the ceremony was over. It was a realy good experience.

Photos were taken so when I can get some copies I shall put them in the photo pages.

Well until next time, look after yourselves and stay safe.